Uni Review

Disclosure:I had obtained this game for free during a giveaway however I don’t do biased reviews.


Uni is a local multiplayer only mini game compilation in which 2 players are competing against each other on a collection of 40 different mini games.

Whilst this game does offer a selection of 40 different mini games with various different game genres covered to suit all interests which on paper seems like a decent offering for a mini game collection as there is a good amount of games to play on. But a lot of the games in general are quite short and can be completed in a few minutes as a lot of the games are time based but some can last longer if you don’t do anything gameplay wise to further progress. Some of the games I did manage to play on are quite strange because they names that have got nothing to do with the games themselves, taking one game for an example called internet_disconnected which if your basing your first impressions of what to expect based upon the name of the game it sounds like a game to do with internet connection but what it the game involves is 2 ice creams that running across a candy inspired level and jumping over various obstacles such as cakes which is a bit bizarre as I was expecting a sci fi type game.


Technically however the games on offer are very poor as most are under developed in various ways. I found that some games such as time isn’t developed correctly as only player 1 can press the action button to stop the time and player 2 cannot do so, it also isn’t just the fact that player 2 cannot do a thing it removes your ability to react in any context if you try to stop the time after so long, furthermore it also stops the game in its tracks and you cannot progress any further in the game or go back into any menus, so you end up shutting the game down as a result. At least a few games aren’t built to how they are supposed to be designed as taking alpha battle as an example you have 2 whiteboards which are supposed to the left side for player one and the other side for player 2 which makes sense however you can actually slide across the other side. I also think that the game itself is poorly built firstly you cannot take away the second player under any context so it is pointless if you wanted to play against the AI/yourself. There is as there is no sense of direction when it comes to controls as they are poorly designed and implemented, there is also no way of finding out what the controls are for player 2 as it isn’t 100% in the game as the only controls mentioned are the number keys (which don’t always work biased the keyboard you are using.), you also cannot change them under any context yet on the steam description it states that it should be played with an xbox controller. Sometimes controls aren’t even explained properly in 2 instances the first one being in the normal mode in which if you try to use the controls mentioned to switch to other pages to pick a different game it will tell you to use a/d when the actual controls is q/e, the second instance is in random 5 mode as it will pick 5 random games for you to play on they will not provide any list of controls for you and your just expected to figure them out yourself.

Inevitably I think that this game should be avoided as it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and furthermore even if it is given away for free it isn’t worth playing on then.

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