Uptasia Review

Uptasia is a free to play hidden objects game in which you are in charge of a 19th century realm and your objective to build the best area for your citizens by doing a variety of tasks such as completing set tasks such as earning a set amount of points, donating resources, upgrading your buildings, selling goods in the market stall and decorating your realm with a variety of different decor.

This game in comparison to other hidden object games gives you a small selection of levels with a predetermined set list of item(s) for you to find in a scene that is based upon a working building in your realm such as a flower shop or a bakery. However you are timed and if you misclick even slightly you are penalised with time to look for the other items and less experience points to unlock more room in your factories. There is also a variety of different modes to play with as well as traditional modes found in hidden object games combined with new game modes such as a riddle based mode where the item you need to find is the answer to the riddle and another mode where you have to find a set number of a specific item, although on the I find that some of the levels could be confusing since some words don’t necessarily have the same word as what your meant to look for. One example being that I was told to find a ‘lucky charm’ but yet the ‘lucky charm’ was a ladybird and i only figured it out after various attempts.

Uptasia is a fun game to play however since the game plays exactly like a facebook game as you are openly promoted (then eventually obliged) to add other players in game(that either play through steam,facebook etc) so you can help each other get exclusive items that you cannot obtain by yourself and complete missions together amongst other benefits offered for doing so.However most players I have came across(that accepted my invite to add me in game) rarely return the favour after I helped them in their realm,although after helping them I did recieve some exclusive items.

Also to curb your progression the amount of time you can play at any given moments you are given a set energy points (5 energy points unless of course you pay for a premium subscription) to play the hidden object games and after they are used up you can either wait an allocated amount of time, spend resources found by helping in game friends /crafted or use gems (which are obtained by grinding for them or bought with real world currency.) to get your energy back quicker. Although you can also pay for premium membership (only obtainable real world currency) to obtain more energy points (which is upgraded to 10 from 5 as long as you have membership) increased room for goods your buildings have made and a reduced waiting time for energy however you’re not required to do so but it does really give you a better experience in game.

Overall whilst I would recommend uptasia for anyone who is after a quick and simple game to play in short bursts especially if you like hidden objects/puzzle based games, however limited the time spent in game maybe you could easily be playing this game for years as there is a plethora of different tasks to complete by yourself (or with others), buildings to unlock various achievements for the game.As expected I wouldn’t recommend anyone to pay for premium items/subscription since you can obtain the premium items offered through grinding.

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