Verdun Review

Verdun is a first person shooter that is set during the campaign of Western Europe in the First World War. Verdun is a multiplayer only game that has a generally low population in the game (less than 180) playing at any one time; however on the weekends it does generally increase however it doesn’t have more than 250 on the game generally speaking.

Whilst this game has a small player base I think that Verdun is still a fun game as much as it does have a small player base there is less idiots playing and more of a focus on actually playing the game as a team rather than people going off doing their own thing, content wise there is a decent selection of maps to play on with 5 different game modes these being a frontlines mode in which you defend a trench from enemy players/attack an enemy trench, Attrition which is basically a team death match mode with limited respawns for each team, a rifle based death match mode and squad defense in which players defend themselves from waves of ai enemies until they fail to survive/quit the game.

I like how there is individual units and factions of soldiers that fought in the battlefield of verdun each with their own purposes such as scouts,machine gunners and more each with intended play styles and unique items to use based upon their classes and even being given what equipment they had at a specific year of the war depending how far you get in game. Unlike other games of this genre this is a realism based game which means that it is slightly more realistic than other games in the genre, one of the many mechanics of realism that directly affects players is the effect of weapon ranges and bullet gravity are now a factor when firing weapons and that teamwork plays a bigger part such as you can’t complete objectives without other players but it isn’t as realistic as other games.

However with regards to add realism in this game I don’t like how you are only allowed to use the weapon/ammo you are given when you spawn and there is no opportunity to find more ammo or alternatively pick up weapons from the ground(even if the weapon is chambered in the same ammo type or dropped by a fallen team mate/enemy) but this is a problem with some classes that have no back up weapon.One primary example being the sniper which only has 100 rounds to fire and after they have been fired the sniper is then a sitting duck since the sniper doesn’t any means to find more ammo and there is no other weapon for them to use, whilst you can argue that a melee option on their rifle is available it is pointless for a sniper act like a raider style class when your classes purpose is to take out targets from a distance.

Each game of Verdun varies over time based upon who/what server your on as the game ends either when the other team (or your own) runs out of tickets to respawn, the time is over according to the server settings or alternatively when one side wins every objective so you could be playing for up to 35 minutes or you could be playing for less if you beat/or get beaten the other team. But if you aim on obtaining every single achievement it will take you a long time as there is plenty of grinding to get some of the xp based achievements, as well as the difficulty of finding people who regularly play the game to complete some of the multiplayer achievements.

Generally I wouldn’t recommend this game generally speaking purely due to the fact that it is a multiplayer online game with a limited player base, furthermore the game provides little in the method of playing with AI. But if it is on sale and can be bought for less than £3 it maybe worth looking at especially if you have friends that you can play alongside too.

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