Warhammer Chaos And Conquest Review

Warhammer Chaos And Conquest is a port of a ‘free’ to play (by definition anyway) tablet game in which players have their own keep and build up resources in able to self sustain their keep as well as defending their fort from enemy players and completing various challenges that are thrown at them such as mining a predetermined amount of lead or killing/attacking other monsters/armies and player owned keeps.


Whilst it this can be played as a PVE game with PVP options in actuality it is really a PVP game by default as expected the game is brutal in nature and players will generally attack other players keeps provided you are a decent but lower level than your attacker for any resources you have although this is done when you are in the game any player that thinks you have items worth something (usually if you are at a higher level as there is no point in attacking those with little resources for them to take), although some players do attack anyone just because they can. The main alliance on the server I’m playing on are a pack of pay to win players who have spent (or I at least believe) hundreds if not thousands of pounds on the game and the sole reason that they are on the game is to attack other players and cause grief to them, this guild also have successfully made others quit, their motto is “we are the army of anarchy, we are war, we are the reason players delete the game. We are the cause of rage and strife in relationships. We play for war and competition we don’t do Farmville over here” and their doctrine cannot be made any clearer. Other players in the game are also generally particularly nasty with emote spamming being commonly done in the public chat and there is plenty of encouragement to quit the game (although this is mostly done during PVP events) in the world chat.Although some players I found had kept to themselves and didn’t fight anything they generally quit the game after finding out they had been attacked by another player.

This game as stated is a ‘free to play’ game by definition however it isn’t a free to play game in any literal sense anyway since in order to succeed you are obliged to purchase warpstones which is a premium currency that you earn in game or pay with real currency (just like other free to play games) however the game is based around this currency as in order to build items you can either wait for the building to be done, unlock early if have a premium account/time or buy with gems. The latter two methods do actually go together as when you have unlocked a specific level of a castle you get a free instant build and then after you get the free instant builds you then start paying with gems and if you’re not careful you will click on the option to pay with gems by mistake and this is a method of both grooming the player into paying for the warpstones intentionally so you get faster buildings, rituals etc or through psychological/muscle repetition by misclicking consistently in a hope that you buy the gems unintentionally.  I even found myself on a few occasions after triple tapping clicking on the ‘pay with warpstones’ options unintentionally so this isn’t just a mistake that is done by ‘children’. When I was playing the game I felt that what is point of playing the game for fun when in the end you have to buy everything in order to play it?. In the end someone who is bigger and better than you will destroy your keep which is one of the many reasons I decided to quit playing.

There is also daily ‘offers’ that are openly advertised on in the game as when you log in it will recommend a deal for you(tailored based on your player/castle level of course) with more offers also being available although some do have limits on(price ranges on level of course so the higher the level the higher the cost.)from the premium store prices include anything from £4.99 to £99.99.I actually added up all the ‘daily deals’ (including the restrictions) for one day and it came up to £1704.67 (assuming you pay up to all limits) which is a lot of money to most people. But when you log in(as seen below) you will casually get asked to spend a pre determined amount (based on your progress in game) and it goes up when you go further in the game.

Overall I would recommend that everyone should avoid this game like the plague as it is nothing short of an opportunistic cash grab with little to no redeeming value.

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