Weable Review

Weable is a top down maze game in which you have to navigate a rocket through various mazes (in a cool neon art style) to find and enter a portal located at the end of the level in order to escape and move onto the next level.

Whilst the concept of this game seems simple enough as all your main objective is to find the portal at the end of the maze and escape, I like how it isn’t as simple as it seems to be because there is plenty of obstacles you have to dodge such as lasers, saws etc also as if you touch any of the lines surrounding you in the maze you will have to restart the level again, which does get annoying after a while as in some levels it is very claustrophobic and easy to land in way of something. Also I don’t get why in this game you are constantly drifting around the place if it is for difficulty then sure I get it but even when you are completely still you are moving it also makes it more infuriating as you can aim to stay still and then you wind up touching something (and then you start the level over again) which is infuriating.

Another question I have is why are there bosses in a maze game I had been playing for a while but when I encountered the first boss level I knew to expect them as they are mentioned in the steam description. But it makes no sense as you have no method of defending yourself the only way to beat the boss is to fly to cross hair circles on the map but to avoid the lasers that pop up from time to time I camped at the starting location and waiting until a circle popped up near and flew to it to defeat it which is a bit silly.

Technically speaking this game is also very basic as whenever you load it doesn’t go into full screen it just goes into a window and you have to put it into full screen yourself in the options menu. Also when you complete any amount of levels in the game the moment you close the game you lose all your progress and must start from scratch which is annoying especially when you get far.  But I do like the artwork for this game as whilst it isn’t the most advanced game visually the simple neon aesthetic whilst it is simple the art work is very futuristic with the neon effects.

Overall I feel that unless you are after a game that is a hybrid between a maze and buzz wire it really isn’t worth playing as it isn’t as good as it appears to be due to the poor game design, repetitive nature and being honest when I played this game it felt like I was playing a flash game as it is basic(in design and build of the game), simple(to play and look at) and this is the type of game you can spend a few minutes on during a snack break play on it for a while and then move onto another game. If this game is updated at some point to fix the issues with the game not going into full window/saving/drifting (and maybe add more levels, songs played in the background and steam achievements) I could potentially recommend this game when it is on sale as the issue with this game is that it isn’t bad in its design completely, sure it is frustrating and it could iron itself out to be better with a bit of polish this game could be a neat little game to play on for a while.

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