Winter Sale Review

Winter sale (also known as summer sale in the steam store) is a satrical game that is heavily orientated around the steam winter sale with the main layout of the game being a copy of the steam application layout with various jokes/memes present around steam/computer culture. Whilst this is a simulator of the steam winter sale the main objective of this game is to buy every game that is available on the store which(unsurprisingly) is at the cheapest price avaliable.

Whilst this game maybe a cheap indie game I was quite impressed with the wide amount selection of settings on offer such as changing the background colours and in particular with the amount of screen settings as it covers most screen settings ranging from 720×480 through to 1920×1200 which is neat as it can be played on most monitors.

But sadly the game play isn’t as good because the main point of the game is to buy every game on the steam store and after you have spent the small amount of cash you have you must earn money by playing 3 mini games. The first game being Dragon Erol which is a minigame in which you are on rails and you play as a man in a tuxedo and your objective is jump over as many bushes as possible and collect as many coins as you can, this game is easy enough to play albeit repetitive. The second game you can play on is glorious cannon in which you play as a cannon and you have to protect a few blocks with memes written on them from planes that drop memes from them and you have to shoot the planes down, this is the best game to earn cash from provided you don’t have a auto clicker. Lastly the final game is coin train which is a clicker game in which you have to press either mouse buttons which is a great way to destroy your mouse but if you have an auto clicker it is easily the best way of getting cash. But the games will get repetitive as you need $150 in order to buy every game on the store and the payout on the games is basic unless you use an auto clicker to get the cash.

Considering that the games that you purchase on the steam store are meant to be seen like a reward especially if you have to grind for them but the games purchased on the store are very basic and contain no instructions on how to play on them (unlike the mini games which have controls and set objectives.). It is also more often than not that they don’t work either because they are designed not to work on purpose but I was kind of expecting there to be some jokes because the game is satirical and it doesn’t hold back on the amount of because there is plenty of memes, old pc jokes put in/refenced there is even jokes about the previous name for the game in it. But I sadly feel that the mini games that you earn cash on are better quality as they do actually work and you can play on them even if they are repetitive and simplistic experiences.

Overall I would recommend that everybody should avoid this game like the plague as it is a waste of time. However on the upside this game is very short and can be completed in under an hour which is good if you wanted a game that can be completed in less than 2 hours for a quick completion but other than that there is no real reason to play on this game.

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