World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Review

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly is a free to play interactive encyclopaedia that predominately features the engineering aspects of guns(as to be expected). This game features models from various eras and types ranging from historical firearms such as flintlock pistols through to modern day machine guns, there is also other models to play with including motorbikes and skeletons of various animals, as well as various firing ranges to shoot some of the guns that are featured in the game. This game is also constantly updated so there is no shortage of content on offer however most of the models are locked behind credits (an in game pay wall) but you can buy a lifetime pass to skip buying the credits for each model individually or alternatively you can grind the credits through various methods such as earning trophies from completing the models and completing the daily quiz for 30 days straight.

Whilst I think that the game is fun however it is to be noted that the game is predominantly focused on model assembly/disassembly and when it is in this mode the game will show you a simple tutorial explaining how to strip the model and then rebuild it as well as showing you various functions such as switching fire modes, putting on attachments such as a silencer and changing the magazine. When you are able to build the model of your choice (after completing the instructional tutorials provided.) it will provide you with no hints,whilst this may seem like a big jump to many it is essentially the game tutorials all put together and it plays out in a similar way to a interactive 3d jigsaw with each part of the model being an individual piece of the puzzle that you have to attach to other pieces and then place into the model itself. However if you plan on playing this game just to play on the firing ranges I would recommend that you just buy the pass as you will need to earn credits to unlock the firing ranges which will take at least a couple of day’s/month’s to earn the credits required to unlock the models of choice biased on how far you are.

With regards to the length of the game I wouldn’t really say that this game is specifically long or short since you would only play it for however long you wish to play it.Obviously this is based on what models you would like to do in game or alternatively any objectives you have in the game. But if your objective is to complete every model then it is a game that you will be playing for a very long time as there are over 200 models already existing in the game with many more to be added in the future in the base version with extra vehicles/skeleton models to play on. But I think that it is a shame that the vehicles and skeleton section isn’t updated, because I think it would be cool if there was a individual section for vehicles and skeletons as potentially there is a lot of content that could be added into the aforementioned sections, especially the skeletons as there is no copyright issues for them to deal with and plenty of animals for the developers to choose from.

Overall I generally recommend the game for anyone who wants to play an indepth educational/puzzle game; I would also extend this recommendation to those with an interest in engineering, firearms,history or science due to the variety of content it offers. But if you are unsure as to what the game is like I would at least try the game the first as the game is free to play afterall. As after playing the game to get a feeling of what’s on offer before buying the lifetime pass/other content for it since you will either love or loathe the game.

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