Yet Another Zombie Defense Review

Yet Another Zombie Defense is a(now) free to play arcade style twin stick shooter where you defend yourself against onslaughts of zombies and/or other players, either alone or alternatively playing alongside or against other players.

Content wise there isn’t too much as there is only 3 different modes to play on, first mode being a standard defence mode (as the title suggests) where you defend yourself/others against a set horde and with cash picked up/earned you can pick a skill point (every few rounds) and even buy a small selection of turrets, guns and ammo to make the next horde easier to survive as after each horde survived the zombies become harder to kill.

The second mode is endless night in which you fend for yourself against an endless horde of zombies and you don’t get the choice to buy turrets and other items but instead you get to pick up drops such as various power ups and weapons and lastly a PVP mode where you have to kill others and the zombies that directly attack you, but with the last mode there is nobody playing the game so you would be playing alone.

As expected this is a short, simple free to play game that easy to play and pick up but this game can be easily completed in 4 hours. But after you have got all the achievements I don’t think that there is anything to see and do unless you want to get to the top of the leaderboards.

Overall since this is free to play game I can’t hold too much against this game since it cannot hold the same depth as another game in the same genre. However I would only recommend the game if you are looking for a simple, mindless arcade shooter that can be completed for a few hours, however I wouldn’t bother if you wanted a game with some depth.

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