Zafehouse Diaries Review

Zafehouse Diaries is a turn based strategy game which sets you in 3 different scenarios in which you have to complete a specified goal such as surviving the zombie apocolypse or building a vehicle in order to escape.

Unlike other turn based games the game doesn’t provide any visual clues as to what is going on but as insinuated by the title all the details of what had happened are put into a diary entry. Whilst I think that this makes it different to other games that are out it is very dull as most of the game is reading logs of a diary. The diary logs I feel are dull as it isn’t personalised and it is just a log of what happened at a given location rather than being written by someone who was actually there, the diary logs also aren’t voiced by anyone so this game isn’t really accessible for many people.

The game itself technically speaking is also very poor as when I first loaded the game it wasn’t in full screen and in order to set it as fullscreen which I feel is annoying as most people would expect it to go into fullscreen automatically, but even when it is fullscreen it isn’t true fullscreen but rather a blackboard around the screen(as seen above).

Decisionwise when it comes to making choices in game I feel that it doesn’t provide you with enough information as it will give you a scenario for example a girl will come running to you saying she can help you however it doesn’t provide you with too much information as to what they look like as that could help me make decisions easier, however I don’t like how it deals with you making choices as it will provide you with upto 3 choices and it is based on luck whether it is a positive result or not. However in some instances I do feel that the game can provide too much information as when you examine the biography of each character It will explain their age,gender,sexuality,level of education etc and I feel that with some of such as their level of education in a zombie apocolypse you aren’t going to be too bothered on whether they have a unspecified degree or not whilst on some level it may provide some use such as if it was a medical degree I feel that just because someone has a (unspecified) degree or was middle class pre apocolypse it shouldn’t hold too much weight and nor should it be a priority.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend the game because it is a poor quality game that although it tries to be unique in style it doesn’t provide much in content or delivery of what could have been a good game. However if you just wanted an interactive story based game I wouldn’t advise against getting it in a sale as it is ok for a zombie themed story book game.


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