Uni Review

Disclosure:I had obtained this game for free during a giveaway however I don’t do biased reviews.   Uni is a local multiplayer only mini game compilation in which 2 players are competing against each other on a collection of 40 different mini games. Whilst this game does offer a selection […]

XIII – Classic Review

XIII – Classic is a first person shooter from 2003 which is loosely based upon the comic books of the same name (explicitly volumes 1-5) in which you partake in various missions such as infiltrating military bases and escaping a bank; whilst you are being hunted down by the FBI, […]

Bloons TD5 Review

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defence games that is based around the Bloons flash games that was popular in the early 2000’s in which you popped balloons with a dart throwing monkey through various physics puzzles. Although there is a flash game version of this game, in this review […]

Trucks & Trailers Review

Trucks & Trailers is a truck driving simulator which provides players with a plethora of different challenges to attempt, with a particular focus on offering challenges with the use of a HGV type vehicle; unsurprisingly it is only HGV vehicles which is a shame as there is other truck types […]

Demolish & Build 2018 Review

Demolish & Build 2018 is a building simulator in which you play as a builder who starts his own building company to try and build a global construction business, however this game is more of a builder simulator rather than a building company management game. Whilst the concept of the […]

Pixel Puzzles Junior Review

Pixel Puzzles Junior is a child friendly jigsaw game that is explicitly designed for a younger audience (ages 5 and under generally speaking). Whilst the concept of this game is the same as your average pixel puzzle game; this game in particular is noticeably different to the other games in […]

Hocus Pocus Review

Hocus Pocus is a game (of many) that I did play growing up. Granted to anyone who didn’t play the the 90’s this game is a 2d platform game (from 1994) in which you play as Hocus who is a wizard that has been sent on a special mission (of […]

Street Racing Syndicate Review

Street Racing Syndicate is a street racing themed racing game in which player’s race around the streets or in controlled events. This game is one of many early 2000’s racing games that had designed around street racing to cash in on the craze for the time. This game is a […]

Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection Review

Spiritual Warfare & Wisdom Tree Collection is a collection of 4(technically 7) different games that are packaged together as one package. Granted these games are made by wisdom tree (a well known Christian game developer) and it includes most of the games they have made that was created for dos. […]

Cargo Commander Review

Cargo commander is a rogue lite platform game in which you play as a cargo commander and your objective is to clear cargo containers in outer space that you can summon using a magnetizer that catches giant cargo crates that are filled with cargo(and other treasures such as postcards),monsters and […]