About Kinthdom

This site is all about my views,reviews of various products as well as other content such as linking to various items of interest. I do try focus on Computers,technology and related subjects since that is a field I know a lot about as I’ve used computers for most of my life. This blog, comes from the perspective of someone who speaks based on first hand experience as well as stating things how they are. I give my opinions on whatever given product/item of interest, and those opinions come from the experience of what I think and what I have seen first hand and I think that it is better than what content you sterotypically find from an advertisement/paid review. However namewise Kinthdom is a combination of a name that I use in fantasy games (kintha) and kingdom.

What Is The Point Of Kinthdom?

Kinthdom aims to entertain,inform and educate users based upon a given subject whilst I generally do this in the form of a review or an opinion piece I provide both insight and knowedge. I will say my piece about any given subject, from games to the news to everything in between. But I don’t just want to write about one given subject. I also try to educate users from time to time, from saving money buying games to basic tutorials on software, When I give advice it is based on the best method approach.

Who Should Look at Kinthdom?

Seriously, this site is for everybody. Much of the content consists of my opinions with one thing or another,reviews upon any products I think you may like/be aware of.Whilst my main content is generally about technology however there is something for everybody as I cover a range of subjects.

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