Far Cry Review

Far Cry is a tactical first person shooter where you are a lone wolf in an idyllic island paradise however all isn’t as warm as the setting as you are quickly pitted against mercenaries hired by a research group that are set out to hunt you down. This means that you have to pick your battles and methods to travel accordingly and using stealth is a very effective way of sneaking through the islands to avoid your enemies this is especially useful at times as ammo is limited for the first part of the game (at least anyway based on play style and the difficulty chosen).To find supplies you must scavenge through huts, bases and other areas for weapons and supplies you need to survive.

This game is a fun experience as a whole I enjoyed the feeling of being a lone wolf with a sense of danger at the beginning and strategically creating fear and panic throughout enemy camps and other locations featured in the game and picking them off opportunistically to scavenge whatever is needed from said locations it is a bit of letdown that this is mostly in the first half of the game as the game does change its narrative/play style later on. However I feel that the game has lost potential as you can only play as the games main protagonist and that there is no story mode for the heroine(Valerie) in the game as she is only featured in one section of the game where you have to escort her, it is also a shame that whilst the enemy AI is very good and can adapt to the scenarios that they are placed in (i.e. calling for backup, sticking with allies and other survival tactics.) the AI for the Valerie is bad and she can often get killed easily (even on easy difficulty.) as she can easily run into enemies.

Whilst this is a fun game it is an old game and graphically the game still holds up and I like the little details that are in game such as natural wildlife such as parrots and fish roaming around the area, bullet casings coming from the gun and then seeing the bullet fly while the case lands onto the ground or splash effects in the water/the bubble effects while swimming underwater. It is a glitch ridden game at the same time however most of the issues encountered are mostly aesthetic but some of the glitches are quite bizarre. However there is some game affecting issues (as seen below) visual glitches the most common glitch being when a human enemy is slain their head can turn around. There also some rather bizarre glitches enemies running on water, enemies that have been slain can actually stand still and appear to be alive (they have heat signals and stand still posing with a rifle) but when shot at they don’t have any reaction.  However the main issue game wise is with the current build on steam because if you don’t revert the game with a series of previous patches it isn’t worth playing as there is an issue with the current build on steam (1.4) as the enemies in will sense you through walls and is able to shoot through walls, this does make the game extremely difficult and eliminates the use of stealth/fear tactics to sneak/pick off the enemy. Whilst I have completed the game with build 1.4 on with realistic difficulty mode selected it is a very frustrating experience.

This game is a lengthy experience at 18.5 hours long for one play through (obviously time maybe longer/shorter based on skill and difficulty chosen.). However I feel that the game at first is very good for setting your own pace since you can go through it at a slow/tactical pace if you wanted however after the trigens (mutant like creatures)are introduced the game does sadly turn from a realistic military game with varied ways to approach the missions in game into a more linear sci-fi first person shooter with less focus on survival and a focus more on the combat as some scenarios in the later parts you cannot plan your approach as you have fight head on.

Overall whilst this is a good I would only recommend buying the game second hand or during the steam sales as it isn’t worth paying full price because it is a single campaign that can be completed in a short time with little to no replay value,despite this I would recommend to anyone who likes first person/survival based games especially older players. However be noted that this game is fairly old and the graphics aren’t spectacular and to fix the steam version of the game you must download patches for older version of the game(versions 1.3 through to 1.33) provided from the link below and each version must be installed into your far cry folder on steam (Steam/steamapps/common/FarCry).



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