Season Match Review

Season match is a fantasy themed puzzle game in which players collect gems in a minimum of 3 or more in order to complete objectives on levels such as unlocking pieces of a mirror or alternatively clearing the boards. But it isn’t all as to what it seems to be as this game does have a lot I didn’t expect from it in many ways namely in the design and expectations I had for this game. 

First thing I will say is that the design for this game is quite misleading as in the steam store it is pushed as a ‘match 3’ style game(think candy crush) in the tags in the steam store and in the images provided it looks like a match 3 game in which you move gems together so that you can match 3 of the same colour that one could find on your average match 3 game such as candy crush or other likeminded games found on the app store.

But what we have in actuality is a click 3 game in which you click 3 gems that are of the same colour and I was quite disappointed as I was expecting a match 3 game. As a consequent result of this game being a click 3 game rather than a traditional match 3 game is that the game becomes a very mindless and repetitive experience as to play on the game you don’t really have to think or plan long term for how you achieve set goals all you do is just click on 3 gems of the same colour to match them and abstain from clicking on one colour of the games provided so you can get a larger set of that colour later on; whilst I think that it is mindless to play on it does make it a lot easy for those who struggle with games. I also feel that the game doesn’t try to alleviate the easiness as there are no obstacles as such as other than the timer the only restrictions is if there is a tile blocking the way but if you match gems near the blockage(such as a bush or ice) it will disappear. There is also a lack of difficulty options present as the campaign mode only has one difficulty mode and in the arcade mode you only have 2 options first one being a casual mode that moves time limits and an action mode that has a timer but other than that there is no extra options.

Putting the game design aside there is plenty of things about this game that I can say positive things about. I like the artwork for game as it is well done and suits the style of the game. Although I did notice that at times on levels they will use a season (autumn for example) but then in the assets for the tiles used in the level they will use spring/summer flowers as well as ice tiles all in one level which looks completely out of place for a level that is supposed to be devoted to autumn and I feel that the out of place assets look silly.

Overall I generally feel that this game isn’t worth getting due to how simplistic the content is and how basic it is. However I wouldn’t argue that it is all bad strictly speaking as whilst it maybe too easy for me (and a lot of other people) to play on I think for a young child, older person or someone who is computer illiterate it would be an ok introduction to puzzle games but it certainly isn’t worth paying any amount of money for but if it was being given away for free or even part of a bundle it would be worth looking at.

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