Turbo Pug Review

Turbo Pug is an endless runner game in which you play as a pug that is endlessly running on a random procedurally generated level and your job as the player is to ensure that your pug is safe by jumping over a plethora of dangers that are placed throughout the levels.

Regarding the design of the game on paper it seems to be a simple enough concept to understand as theoretically all you have to do is watch the pug and when you see anything harmful just jump over it while at the same time collecting cartoon pug faces to boost your score until you fail to dodge an obstacle. However there is a flaw with the design of the game as each part of the level is randomly procedurally generated, whilst it is generally a good thing as will provide players with a wide variety of paths to run. Fundamentally this is also the main technical downfall of the game as the game does have a strict timing routine over obstacles and the randomly generated levels are if you jump over one object you could quite easily land on another object and there is no set rhythm of jumping over obstacles so you are against the generator on whether you can dodge the next danger or not.

I also think that the weather effects in the game are implemented poorly as during the night time the lighting becomes darker and for some people it could possibly stop them from seeing obstacles (particularly the spikes) which sometimes can blend in whilst during the day time it is very bright and you can see what are to avoid, there is also the lightning effect which when it happens will make the screen flash white and also stop your pug from jumping over any obstacles which in some instances will actually end your game as the lightning has happened a few times before I need to jump over an obstacle.


Visually however whilst I do think that aesthetically it is quite appealing as it has charm of appearing to be a retro game by using a 16 bit art style and on top that the colour scheme used reminded me of the graphics of games that one could find back in the early 90’s and it does a good job of looking like a retro game. But there is some bad visual designs with the game as some of the obstacles that you find in the game don’t really fit in as the game is set in a park/field and there are various obstacles/decor items such as Lava pits and skeletons which are completely out of place in a field. The mix and match of asset styles is also present in unlockables as whilst there is plenty of different items that a pug can wear there is other quite bizarre choices such as a penguin and a pug that poops rainbows.

Overall I do think that you should avoid the game as it is essentially a paid for version of your average runner game that one can find for a tablet or mobile phone game for free. The only real selling point is the fact that it has pugs in it.

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